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Kinesio® is the specific brand name of an Elastic Therapeutic Tape and Elastic Taping Method and had its own brand of products and services - Kinesio® Tape and Kinesio Taping® Method. The Kinesio name offers you the highest quality and maximum treatment benefits. Authentic Kinesio quality comes from almost 40 years (1979 - 2018) of research, education and experience in manufacture, design and therapeutic results. 


Since 1979, in Japan and then worldwide, Kinesio® has been committed to improving quality of life for patients within  paediatrics, geriatrics, occupational and physical therapy, rehabilitation, neurology and sports. Dr. Kenzo Kase's priority has always been making his patients feel better. In addition to the input of thousands of trained therapists and instructors worldwide, he continues to be active in the development of applications, products and adaptations – all designed with the goal of better patient care. Progress is continuous, as new therapeutic results are considered - every innovation is tested by Dr. Kase, his team of experts and trained clinicians in the field.

Kinesio® Tape is the original Elastic Therapeutic Tape, introduced to the market in 1979 by Dr. Kenzo Kase.  Initially, he had developed the tape for elderly osteoarthritis patients. While most commonly recognised in the sports arena, Kinesio Tape is also used in medical settings - it is backed by the worldwide efforts of more than 100,000 independent therapists…and counting!

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