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Kinesio Classic Roll - 5cm x 4m

Kinesio Classic Roll - 5cm x 4m


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Kinesio Classic has been developed over 30 years and is our original tape with a wave-patterned adhesive. With its heavier cotton, it offers a slightly more supportive and proprioceptive feeling - making it popular with athletes



Uses high grade cotton for comfort and breathability

The tape is latex free and hypoallergenic.

Kinesio Taping can be used to assist with muscle support, rehabilitation, strengthening and injury prevention - as a stand alone treatment or combined with other therapies


5cm x 4m


Prices include VAT, exclude delivery

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- Apply the tape one hour prior to sports activity or showering - this allows the glue to adhere fully.

- The skin needs to be free of oil, sweat, dirt, lotion or water prior to application.

- Trim or shave excessive hair to assist with adhesion.

- After application the tape should be rubbed to activate the heat sensitive glue. Do not use a hairdryer to activate the glue.

- Kinesio Tape Classic and FP are designed to be worn for multiple days (3 to 5).

- Stretch the muscle, not the tape on application. Lay one anchor down before laying the rest of the tape with 0% stretch. Overstretching the tape can cause irritation.

- If applying the on a joint, ensure the joint is in a fully bent position.

- Wherever possible, apply the tape ends (anchors) on the skin

- To remove the tape nudge up one end of the strip, press down on your skin to separate it from the tape. Roll the tape from the edge in the direction of hair growth. Soaking the tape or using baby oil can also help with removal.

- After cutting the tape to the correct length and shape, it is helpful to round off the tape by cutting off the corners. This prevents the tape from catching on clothing.

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