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Kinesio Performance - Elastic Adhesive Tape 1m

Kinesio Performance - Elastic Adhesive Tape 1m


Kinesio Tex Performance+ is an exciting new Kinesio tape combining features from Classic and FP ranges.

While Kinesio FP is designed to primarily target surface tissue and Kinesio Classic targets deeper muscles, Kinesio Performance+ provides support and pressure relief for the fascia and muscles in the middle layers.

Using a unique 50/50 cotton/polyester blend and Kinesio's patented wave adhesive pattern, Performance+ tape provides both deep muscle support  and shallow muscle/skin decompression.

Each roll comes pre-wound in a sturdy plastic dispensing container which protects your tape and a side window allows you to unwind and rewind it without ever having to take the tape out of the casing.

5cm x 1m roll. Available in Denim Blue, Denim Black (Grey) and Denim Pink.

Please note Performance 1m Rolls have the Kinesio Logo printed on the tape. 

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